Bill Baker

Founder & Principal

Since Bill first learned to talk, he has been telling stories: to grandparents, teachers, bus drivers, that nice lady at the grocery store…anyone who would listen. Early on, Bill recognized the profound impact that stories had on people as well as the fact that different stories would generate different responses. This penchant for storytelling continued into Bill’s career as he started using stories in his daily communications with colleagues and clients and his brand planning efforts. With storytelling in his blood, Bill founded BB&Co Strategic Storytelling in 2010 specifically to help companies and their leaders bring more meaning, focus and productivity to their work and their workforce, strategically leveraging the power of storytelling to do so. Joining Bill in this ever-unfolding adventure are an elite team of strategists, writers, designers and trainers, all of whom share a love for storytelling and a skill for using it strategically.

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Bill Baker - BB&Co Strategic Storytelling