Behind every leader,
behind every brand,
behind every strategy, idea or initiative,

There is a story.


Business Storytelling Training Workshops:
Online or In-Person

Our Business Storytelling training workshops are designed to help managers, sales people, engineers, finance directors, lawyers, fundraisers, and anyone who must regularly engage others understand how to use storytelling to improve the impact of their workplace communications and presentations. These workshops can take place in-person or virtually online, and they have become part of the leadership development programs for several Fortune 500 companies.

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 We are now working to fold storytelling into our meetings, presentations and informal encounters. We know it is going to profoundly improve our results, our sense of purpose and our ability to attract and retain top talent. Thank you Bill for your inspiring storytelling training.   

Doug Holte

The Irvine Company

In-Person or Online Business Storytelling Training Programs

With more people coming back to the office, more of our training workshops are going back to being in-person. However, our online training courses proven-effective and perfect for employees working from home or teams spread across great distances. Whether it’s our Leadership Through Storytelling training, Effective Presentation Skills training, or a combination of the two, we can work with you to develop a program that is right for you.

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Relais & Châteaux

We worked with Relais & Châteaux to uncover and define their Strategic Story, engaging and aligning their members — the world’s finest hotels and restaurants — around one shared identity: what the French call, “art de vivre”. From there, we created a series of short StoryTelling films that extended the story to an effective positioning in a targeted marketplace.

Our Work
 Through our story, we now have a deeper appreciation of the place we hold in the world and a richer understanding of what binds this group of remarkable chefs and hoteliers together. It's been an incredible journey that has given us all a way to celebrate our past and work together towards our future. 

Jaume Tàpies

President / Relais & Châteaux


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