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We help brands — and the organizations, teams and leaders behind them — work smarter by leveraging the timeless power of Strategic Storytelling.
Canadian Beef

Through our StoryFinding process, we helped Canadian Beef differentiate its product from international competitors by developing a Strategic Story about Canada itself: our cooler climates, our wide open spaces perfect for grazing, our long summer days, and our culture of hardworking farmers famous for doing what’s right.

Once this brand story was crafted, we helped engage and align employees, board members and beef farmers around it, and brought it to life in film and in print.

Canadian Beef has a great story to tell, and uncovering our own natural brand equity was critical to our strategic success. It’s hard to think of anything more challenging than branding an entire food group. Thanks to BB&Co’s strategic guidance and storytelling inspiration, we have been able to do just that.

James Bradbury
Global Brand Officer / Canadian Beef
Relais & Châteaux

We worked with Relais & Châteaux to uncover and define their Strategic Story, engaging and aligning their members — the world’s finest hotels and restaurants — around one shared identity: what the French call, “art de vivre”.

From there, we created a series of short StoryTelling films that extended the story to an effective positioning in a targeted marketplace.

Through our story, we now have a deeper appreciation of the place we hold in the world and a richer understanding of what binds this group of remarkable chefs and hoteliers together. It’s been an incredible journey that has given us all a way to celebrate our past and work together towards our future.

Jaume Tàpies
President / Relais & Châteaux


Storyteller Bill Baker from BB&CO Strategic Storytelling provides Leadership in Storytelling Training to a group of executives

Our Leadership Through Storytelling training is designed to help executives, managers, and anyone who must regularly engage others understand how Strategic Storytelling works so they can put it to work to improve the impact and uptake of their communications.

We are now working to fold storytelling into our meetings, presentations and informal encounters. We know it is going to profoundly improve our results, our sense of purpose and our ability to attract and retain top talent. Thank you Bill for your inspiring training.

Doug Holte
The Irvine Company

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