Leadership and Executive Storytelling Workshops

Learn how to use storytelling in business to increase the impact of your communications and your ability to persuade, influence and inspire others.


Our Business Storytelling training teaches individuals how to use storytelling strategically, to improve the impact of their communications and, with that, their ability to engage, persuade, and inspire others.

It has been proven effective for professionals from all disciplines, including executives, team leaders, salespeople, finance directors, engineers, IT managers, lawyers, data scientists, healthcare workers, trainers, researchers…anyone who must regularly communicate with others as part of their jobs.


At their core, all organizations are human. And humans tell stories. When individuals use business storytelling in their workplace communications, they tap into human nature, engaging others in a more meaningful and memorable way.

Business Storytelling as we teach it runs deeper than mere information or an idea. It helps individuals position that information or idea, shape the way their audience thinks and feels about it, and motivate them towards a desired action because of it.


Storytelling is a skill. And like all skills, it can be learned from instruction, sharpened through training, and perfected with practice, turning anyone into a more competent and more confident storyteller.

Our Business Storytelling training is a combination of subject matter, group discussion, individual exercises, storytelling examples, and lots of practice. It teaches professionals how to use storytelling in a variety of workplace situations, including presentations, team meetings, pitches, one-on-one’s, or challenging conversations.

Put business storytelling to work so you can better engage, enlighten and inspire others.

 I was at your Storytelling workshop last week and am still inspired by it. I'm combing through my notes and starting to write all my stories. Thank you for inspiring! 

Christie Jordan

Founding Director / Source Healing

 What an incredibly stimulating day of learning! I'd always been intimidated by storytelling (especially in a work situation). Now I'm not, and I can't wait to start using it. 

Jill Schnarr

 Thanks for the engaging storytelling training. We all agreed what a valuable learning experience it provided for long-term success. We are a pretty honest crowd, especially amongst ourselves, and we all talked about how learning about storytelling in business was a fantastic way to start our week. 

Tim Ringa


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Learning Outcomes

In the broadest sense, our Business Storytelling training is designed to help professionals understand how storytelling works and why it works so they can put it to work to improve the impact of their communications. More specifically, training participants will walk out of it with…
  • Understanding on how to use storytelling to persuade, engage and inspire others, even if they have no direct authority over them.

    (Read more on our blog: Differences Between Business Storytelling and Business Reporting)

  • The ability to approach storytelling strategically, so they are telling the right story with the right message at the right time, shaping the way their audience thinks and feels, and motivating them towards a desired action.

    (Read more on our blog: How to Think Strategically about Leadership Storytelling)

  • The core building blocks of a strong strategic story, including an understanding on how to develop tight, compelling plots that have good structure and flow, and are worth people’s time.

    (Read more on our blog: Build a Stronger Plot for a Stronger Leadership Story)

  • Skills that will help them be a more confident and engaging storyteller, whom people want to listen to.

    (Read more on our blog: Five Characteristics of Great Storyteller Leaders)

  • An understanding of how to build more “storied” presentations, use storytelling within them, and connect people to complex information, technology, and data.

    (Read more on our blog: When to Use Storytelling in Presentations)

  • One, powerful leadership story, which they will develop in the workshop, practice telling in small breakout groups, and which will serve as a model for developing other leadership stories.

  • The framework for a “library” of strategic stories to have at the ready, to use in a variety of communications situations and for a variety of leadership needs.

    (Read more on our blog: How to Build Your Business Storytelling Library)

Leadership Through Storytelling training workshops can be conducted in-person or virtually, online. In fact, we have been offering our business storytelling training workshops online for several years, well before the Covid pandemic).

Our business storytelling training has become part of the leadership development programs for dozens of Fortune 500 companies, non-profits and leading organizations. That said, we periodically conduct open-enrollment storytelling training workshops for anyone who wants to participate. If you’d like to sign-up for our next open-enrollment workshop, get in touch with us, and we will add you to the pre-registration list.

Take the first step towards better business storytelling

Tell us about your goals and requirements, and together we’ll create a custom storytelling training program for your team, to be conducted in-person or virtually on-line.


 If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people to collect wood, and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea. 

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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