Bill Baker

Founder & Principal

Since Bill first learned to talk, he has been telling stories: to grandparents, teachers, bus drivers, that nice lady at the grocery store…anyone who would listen. Early on, Bill recognized the profound impact that stories had on people, especially in their ability to connect them to ideas, shape the way they think and feel, and motivate them towards a desired action. This penchant for storytelling continued into his professional career as Bill started using stories not only in his day-to-day communications, but also in his strategic brand planning efforts. As these worlds of brand strategy and storytelling collided, Bill founded BB&Co Strategic Storytelling specifically to help companies and their leaders bring more meaning, focus and productivity to their work, and therefore their workforce…strategically using the power of storytelling to do so. An American by birth, Bill spent the first 10 years of his career working in New York City managing global accounts for large multinational agencies such as Grey, Lowe & Partners, and Saatchi & Saatchi. Before starting BB&Co, Bill was part of the Global Planning Group of DDB Worldwide where he helped redefine and deploy the suite of strategic and brand planning tools used across the agency’s 205 offices across the globe. He also spent seven years as Managing Director of the Vancouver office of DDB, leading anywhere from 150 to 200 employees. Bill is a regular presence on the public speaking circuit and an avid blogger. He holds a BA from Bowdoin College in Maine and attended the Sorbonne in Paris and Albert Ludwigs Universistät in Freiburg, Germany. Bill sits on the Board of Directors for the Alzheimer Society of B.C., and is a fervent skier, an aspiring jazz pianist, and an eternally frustrated golfer.

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