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While our work takes us to some amazing places all around the globe, we feel lucky that when we return home, it is to Vancouver. There is just something about this city that stirs our storytelling souls and nurtures our creative spirit. Maybe it’s the mountains jutting out of the sea; maybe it’s the diverse and dynamic make-up of our population; maybe it’s the rain (actually…it’s probably not the rain). Whatever it is, it works. And it’s something we take with us wherever we go and on whatever project we’re tackling. Come visit and see for yourself.


At the core of what we do is our fervent (almost obsessive) desire to help companies bring more meaning to their work and, therefore, their workforce. We do this through the strategic use of storytelling. Other consultancies might use other means (e.g. models, diagrams, interpretative dance, etc.); but we’ve found that articulating a company’s brand, vision, values, mission, etc. in a more storied way—then using storytelling to bring those things to life—is more effective at connecting the essence of a company’s brand to the people responsible for its realization.

Founded in 2010, BB&Co is a seasoned group of strategic storytellers (both verbal and visual) with common beliefs and complementary skills. Our network of talent ensures we are always able to assemble the most relevant teams to tackle any opportunity or challenge thrown our way. This more networked approach also results in greater agility and much less overhead, so clients are truly paying for the talent being utilized and little else. To learn more about our team and the individual stories within it, scroll down.

“A story has to have muscle as well as meaning, and the meaning has to be in the muscle.”

Flannery O'Connor
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