Strategic Brand Storytelling

Authentic Brand Storytelling

Your position defined, your purpose and vision clarified, and your people engaged, all through Strategic Brand Storytelling.


Storyfinding: uncovering the broader narrative around your brand and branded initiativeStorytelling: Expressing your story creatively through enduring storytelling piecesStorykeeping: embedding your story into your operations, communications and culture


BB&Co’s Strategic Brand Storytelling process is designed to help our clients first define the one, true and wholly authentic story of their brand or branded initiative and then engage and align key stakeholders around it, not the least of whom are employees. While every Brand Storytelling engagement is unique to the client and the challenges and opportunities they face, there are some over-arching objectives and/or benefits that are common for all. These are…


Using our StoryFinding process to explore and identify what is most meaningful and distinct about your brand or branded initiative, resulting in a Core Brand Story that resonates with internal stakeholders at multiple levels (mental, emotional, philosophical, etc.) and enables them to fully understand what you’re striving to achieve and why.



Bringing your newly articulated Core Brand Story creatively to life through various foundational StoryTelling tools, ensuring you are able to share that story effectively with key strategic audiences, pulling them into it in the process.



Utilizing various StoryKeeping workshops and strategic planning tools to help you not only embed your Core Brand Story into the operations, communications and culture of your organization but also measure the degree to which it has taken hold.

Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport

The Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) was created in the wake of Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson being stripped of his gold medal when it was discovered he had doped at the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Formed with a clear anti-doping mandate, the organization soon grew to understand that good sport begins in youth and extends far beyond having drug-free elite athletes. Through our StoryFinding process, the CCES uncovered a higher vision of sport that is “fair, safe and open to all” and identified three forces it keeps in play to realize that vision. Once the organization’s verbal story was crafted, we helped them overhaul their visual story, with a new brand identity and rich StoryTelling pieces. And through a series of StoryKeeping workshops with staff and other stakeholders we helped CCES ensure their new organizational brand story would come consistently to life in thought, word and deed.

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