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Leadership Storytelling in Business

With storytelling in his blood, Bill founded BB&Co Strategic Storytelling specifically to help companies and their leaders bring more meaning, focus and productivity to their work, and therefore their workforce, using the power of storytelling to do so.

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To get employees on board, organizational leadership must find a way to make the plan real and meaningful to their employees. This presentation explains how to strategically use storytelling to pull employees into your companies strategic plan and effectively engage and align them around its core elements.

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The capacity to convey a strategic vision of the future and pull others into it is central to an individual’s capacity to lead. This presentation demonstrates how storytelling can strengthen a leader’s communications as well as his or her ability to generate understanding, commitment and action.

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The traditional “push” model of branding is being replaced by more organic, grassroots interactions that “pull” people into brands. This presentation explains how strategic storytelling capitalizes on recent shifts in the media landscape, especially the rise of social media.

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