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World One Story at a Time

The Bill Baker Storytelling Team

The BB&Co Team

  • Bill Baker

    Since Bill first learned to talk, he has been telling stories: to grandparents, teachers, bus drivers, that nice lady at the grocery store…anyone …

    headshot of Bill Baker
    Founder & Principal
  • Paul Belserene

    A poet, creative writing teacher, meditation instructor, marketing strategist, branding consultant, storyteller and one-time chemistry major, Paul commits every aspect of his life …

    Strategic Storyteller & Storytelling Trainer
  • Brent Neave

    Brent is, has been, and will always be the guy we turn to when something needs to get done, and done well. In this …

    Guy Who Gets Stuff Done
  • Tracey Wimperly

    Tracey is a senior, accredited communications professional who has worked in diverse industries, both as a people manager, trainer and as a consultant. She’s …

    Storytelling Trainer
  • Philip Silva

    If asked, Philip would say he first became a storyteller in the first grade, scratching out rich tales of flying pandas, haunted houses and …

    Storytelling Trainer
  • Don Cleland

    Don has been helping companies and organizations bring their brands to life both visually and physically for over 15 years. With an Industrial Design …

    Visual Storyteller
  • Peter Ladd

    For as long as he can remember, Peter has been looking at the world through the lens of design while also wanting to do …

    Visual Storyteller

“A story has to have muscle as well as meaning, and the meaning has to be in the muscle.”

Flannery O'Connor
Our Leadership Storytelling Team | BB&Co in Vancouver