Podcast: How to Influence and Inspire Clients with Storytelling

Clients can be a funny beast. On one side, they are not only a source of revenue for your business, but also a source of the pleasure and pride you derive from it. Many people who are in a client-service business, like myself, are in it because we genuinely enjoy helping others and feel we have something meaningful to offer in doing so. We counsel, we produce, and we build up trust over time that gives our clients the confidence to follow our guidance and stretch themselves to reach new heights.

Clients and relationships

On the other hand, clients are one side of a relationship that, like all relationships, can have its tough spots. We don’t always see eye-to-eye on a situation. Advice is given but not heeded. Or an opportunity is not fully leveraged because a client’s confusion, hesitation, or a desire to do the safe thing holds them back. How can I enlighten my client without coming across as arrogant? How can I push them without seeming pushy? How can I lower their walls of concern, uncertainty or doubt to help them more clearly see the true potential of an idea?

I recently tackled these questions and more when I took part in a podcast with Ryan Koral of Studio Sherpas. Ryan and his business partner, Matt Davis, provide valuable insight and advice to videographers, film makers, and other creative types trying to build a business around their talent and passion. I was introduced to Ryan by Sean Low, who runs a company and blog called The Business of Being Creative. Sean is, quite simply, a Jedi Master on how to run a successful creative services business, and if you are in that line of work and don’t subscribe to his blog, you should do so immediately…as in right now. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

If you’re looking for something to listen to on your commute to and from work or during your morning exercise, I invite you to listen to this fun, informative and, hopefully, enlightening podcast around how you can use storytelling to effectively persuade, influence and inspire your clients. Enjoy!


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