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Learn how to use storytelling in business to increase the impact of your communications and, with that, your ability to persuade, influence and inspire others.

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Put storytelling to work so you can better engage, enlighten and inspire others.

I was at your Storytelling training last week and I am still inspired by it. I'm combing through my notes and starting to write all my stories. Thank you for inspiring!

Christie Jordan

What an incredibly stimulating day of learning! Now, I have a much better understanding on how to use storytelling in business to engage and persuade people.

Jill Schnarr

Thank you for your inspiring Storytelling training. I can now see a huge benefit of using business storytelling to set the tone and context for my presentations.

Declan Rooney

We are now working to fold business storytelling into our meetings, presentations and informal encounters. We know it is going to profoundly improve our results, our sense of purpose and our ability to attract and retain top talent. Thank you Bill for your inspiring storytelling training.

Doug Holte

Thanks for the engaging storytelling training. We all agreed what a valuable learning experience it provided for long-term success. We are a pretty honest crowd, especially amongst ourselves, and we all talked about how learning about storytelling in business was a fantastic way to start our week.

Tim Ringa
Storyteller Bill Baker from BB&CO Strategic Storytelling provides Leadership in Storytelling Training to a group


Leadership Through Storytelling training teaches managers, executives and anyone who must regularly engage and motivate others just how storytelling in business works and why it works, so they can put it to work to improve the effectiveness of their leadership communications.

Ever since men and women started communicating, they have used storytelling to share wisdom, create understanding, and make sense of the world around us. From Steve Jobs to Martin Luther King, individual leaders have always used storytelling to connect people to ideas, to each other, and to a strategic vision of the future they want to be a part of and help make real.

Storyteller Bill Baker from BB&CO Strategic Storytelling provides Leadership in Storytelling Training to a group
Storyteller Bill Baker from BB&CO Strategic Storytelling provides Leadership in Storytelling Training to a group from Telus


At their core, all organizations are human. And humans tell stories. When organizational leaders use storytelling in business communications they tap into human nature and, as a result, engage others in a more human way, bringing more meaning to their work and their workforce.

Our Leadership Through Storytelling training runs deeper that mere information. It taps spirit, emotion, and imagination to connect one person to another in a way that means something to both. Importantly, it also provides clarity of information and thus enables people to come together to work towards a common goal.

Storyteller Bill Baker from BB&CO Strategic Storytelling provides Leadership in Storytelling Training to a group of executives

Develop Valuable Communication Skills

Our Leadership Through Storytelling training gives participants a valuable leadership tool to put into their tool chests. Once honed and practiced, business storytelling can be used to enhance the impact of uptake of their communications for a variety of situations, including presentations, one-on-one’s, mentoring, and meetings.

The storytelling training is a combination of subject matter presentation, group discussions, video examples, and individual workshop exercises in which leaders get to put into practice what they have learned. Most importantly, workshop participants will walk out of the workshop with one “killer” leadership story, which they will have refined and practiced telling in front of each other, and which will serve as a model for them to develop other stories to build up their “library.”

Storyteller Bill Baker from BB&CO Strategic Storytelling provides Leadership in Storytelling Training to a group of executives

“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people to collect wood, and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Workshop Outcomes

In the broadest sense, our Leadership Through Storytelling training is designed to help executives, managers, and anyone who must regularly engage others understand how storytelling in business works so they can put it to work to improve the impact and uptake of their communications. More specifically, leaders participating in this training will walk out of it with…

Who Is This Storytelling Training For?

The Leadership Through Storytelling training was initially developed for senior managers and executives and has become part of the leadership development programs for several Fortune 500 companies. However, it has proven to be highly relevant and effective for anyone who has to regularly present information, and engage and influence others, such as frontline sales people, engineers, scientists, client service teams, trainers and instructors.

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Storyteller Bill Baker from BB&CO Strategic Storytelling provides Leadership in Storytelling Training

Bill Baker


Our Chief Executive Storyteller

Bill spent the first 10 years of his career working in New York City managing global accounts for large multinational agencies such as Grey and Saatchi & Saatchi. With storytelling in his blood, Bill founded BB&Co Strategic Storytelling specifically to help companies and their leaders bring more meaning, focus and productivity to their work, and therefore their workforce, using the power of storytelling to do so.

There is barely a category of industry that Bill and the BB&Co team has not worked in, having collaborated with respected clients of all shapes and sizes, including GE, Coca-Cola, Relais & Châteaux, Hilton Worldwide, BCAA, Travel Alberta, Dubai Holdings, State Farm Insurance, Johnson & Johnson, Cadillac Fairview, TELUS, The Toronto International Film Festival, Tourism Ministry of Spain, the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport, the Irvine Company and the University of British Columbia.

Watch Bill in Action

To call Bill a ‘speaker’ would be a profound understatement. He is the closest someone can get to being a living, multimedia joyride. Speaking from a foundation of incredible expertise and insight, his clarity, wit, passion, and appeal transform his presentations into a true experience.

Mark Harrison

Workshop Details

The Leadership Through Storytelling Training is a combination of subject matter presentation, video storytelling examples, group discussion and workshop exercises in which the participants get to put into practice what they have learned and figure out how to keep it in practice once the workshop is over. The workshop is typically a full day of seven to eight hours. A half-day version (four hours) also exists. Content areas covered in each version are as follows:

  • Storytelling throughout leadership communications history, including group review of one famous example
  • Explaining the science behind storytelling and why it works in such a powerful way with our brains
  • How to use storytelling to be a better presenter, including storytelling and the use of PowerPoint
  • Individual storytelling practice, including valuable feedback from peers and the storytelling trainer
  • Story Strategy: how to think strategically about storytelling to ensure you’re using the right story at the right time
  • Story Content: five core building blocks of a strong strategic story and how to build more compelling plots
  • Story Delivery: reviewing the traits and characteristics of engaging and enlightening executive storytellers
  • Story Library: understanding the types of stories a leader must have and where he or she can find them
Our Teaching Style

The teaching style of Bill and the BB&Co team of instructors is highly engaging, relaxed and conversational. We both encourage and elicit lots of interaction between the participants and instructor as well as between the participants themselves. Importantly, we practice what they preach during the workshop; and as it progresses, we openly identify the different techniques we’ve employed throughout—e.g. use of slides, types of stories shared, conveying complex facts and information, using videos, images, graphics and quotes, interacting with the audience, movement and body language, etc., as a way of teaching directly through experience.

Develop Your Leadership Skill Set

I can’t remember the last time I learned so much so quickly. Your workshop has completely changed the way my team and I are connecting with and engaging potential customers. Thanks for such a enlightening and inspiring day.

Jean-Guy Faubert

This workshop is packed with relevant information and tools that can be used immediately. If you're looking for great return on your training dollars, this workshop is the best value for investment I’ve seen in a long time.

Liz McNally

It was amazing to discover that storytelling, this thing that we do all the time with friends and family, can be used in such a powerful way to lead and inspire people at work. What a great workshop!

Paul Melia
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